Every second a minute and every minute an hour;
And every single hour was like a day for me to push.
Gazing here and there and walking hither and thither,
Finally sitting in a place developed in me, the anguish.

Additional work, though extended my office timing,
There was no solace there, as it was temporary.
In came the TV gift to keep me occupied and entertaining,
Followed by a host of things and all that were necessary.

To engage myself in cooking, but that too got over fast,
Filled with the house with things and the required furniture.
Trying out all possible ways and means till the last,
Even then, all attempts proved futile at such a juncture.

Away apart for few festivities and four important days in a row;
Waited anxiously, at least to be with you both on Ivan’s birthday.
No go, had to tide past the wave of happiness whether high or low,
But was thankful to God for keeping us all safe in our place of stay

Though initial stages of lockdown, to my solitude was a nightmare,
All, neighbour, friend & best colleague friend were so very supportive.
Sharing all varieties of food, blended with love and utmost care.
Never did they leave me, t ’was all their voluntary initiative.

Restrictions being relaxed, reinvented in me full fledged cooking.
Piling up of work at office left me searching for time and energy,
To do my routine, as per the usual schedule and timing;
God’s plan this way found me engaged and not to worry.

—- A.S.R.—-

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