A clock displays the time
Some with an alarm to chime
Representing 24 hours in a day
At home, office or on the way

More than one-third of the day
By our laziness and slumber is away
At least the rest should be saved
And a procedure for its usage to be paved

More than gold, time is precious
Classified as bad and even auspicious
When struck by it, they say ’tis fate
If you are negligent then you’re late

When the time is right – luck rules
Or else human being become fools
Deceived by repeated disappointments
Blaming time with excuses and sentiment

So it is high time we make proper use nonstop
Cause an idle man’s brain is a devil’s workshop
For any expansion, improvement or development
Time has to be utilized till you reach achievement

Make hay while the sun shines
Beat the iron when it is hot are the lines
Or proverbs which describe its importance
Be brisk cause time and tide doesn’t wait at any instance

—- A.S.R. —-

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