You are a flower of beauty
With splendid features plenty
Your appearance, shape and shades
Stays in one’s mind and never fades

An array of coloured petals
Logically set on the stem pedestals
With fragrances so refreshing
And a scene very captivating

Some are small and neatly trimmed
While some are big and bloomed
Appearing amidst thorny bushes
Reminds a saying – “Life’s not a bed of roses”

Perfumes are made by crushing you
And scented sticks out of a few
You are used for any occasion
To prepare garlands or for decoration

For lovers – a gift of love
To express desire or to open a vow
Beautifying the vase you stand
Encouraging the couple ready for marriage band

I’d wish if you stay as you are
Without drying and going away far
Don’t shed your petals and stand alone
But ever be fresh in the long run

—- A.S.R. —-

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