Among the thorns you willingly grow;
Your petals, so soft are arranged in a row.
You are a flower of beauty,
And your varieties are plenty.

You may be dark or light,
But you are a lovely sight.
Sometimes big and sometimes small;
Still, you are the nicest of all.

Whether in a vase you lonely stand,
Or grouped together to form a garland.
You are so pretty and wonderful,
And keep our heart and eyes always cool.

Incense sticks and perfumes you give,
Spreading your fragrance wherever we live.
You are used for every decoration,
Without you there is no function.

I pray that you grow all through the year,
At all places in the world – far and near.
I wish you should not dry or fade – no never,
But always be fresh forever and ever.

—- A.S.R. —-

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