A Happy Home

A kind, good and responsible father
Affectionate, guiding and caring mother
Sincere, disciplined and obedient children
Make a happy home or else ’tis a devil’s den

Give and take between husband and wife
Will lead to a merry and happy life
To concentrate and mingle with offspring
In a way to the elders principles they cling

No hide-outs among kids and parents
Proper explanation, either to grown-ups or infants
Will bring in understanding and harmony
Whether there is more or less wealth or money

Children brought up with less suppression
Will respect their parents and not develop aversion
It doesn’t end with satisfying their needs alone
But by dealing matters psychologically and low tone

Movement with friends and get-together of relatives
All should get running free with initiatives
A happy home should be concerned with neighbours
If jealousy spreads then situation becomes worse

Obstacles and hurdles should be overcome
For the smooth and silent sail of every home
Then will peace prevail in heart and mind
Above characteristics contained – a HAPPY HOME we can find

—- A.S.R. —-

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