The day of our birth and death
And our livelihood on this earth
Is determined by God alone
For that can human beings mourn

To await death is no one’s intention
Unless he’s life-sick and has no option
But if one knows when he’s going to die
Will he not start developing fear and cry?

One may face death while walking
Through an accident or overnight while sleeping
Death neither warns nor has an alarm
It occurs all of a sudden like a rush of a swarm

Day to call us, is a decision from God’s side
Unless one takes his own life by committing suicide
The secret to postpone death hasn’t been discovered still
Cause ’tis which comes naturally by God’s fixed will

Death can be good one, natural, sickly or accidental
By just worrying or mourning can death be made incidental
It all depends the way we live and written fate
We should live the life before ’tis too late

Life’s not a bed or roses but difficulties likely
We shouldn’t have a liking to die but think wisely
Taking our life in general and death in particular
Should long for peaceful and good one in our daily prayer

—- A.S.R. —-

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