Your birth is only on a rainy day
But the sun should also be on the way
“VIBGYOR” may be your scientific name
We call you rainbow which is the same

Bridegroom being sun and bride the rain
You are born- colourful babe with pain
Of refraction and internal reflexion of sunlight
Through the tiny drop of rain in an angle right

Bordered either sides by red and violet
And an array of colours in between logically set
Climbing from the plains to the hill, till the sky
Reaching back to the plains without a sigh

Seven coloured dress, a scene captivating
In a perfect curve so fine and fitting
Designed and displayed by a supernatural power
I wish you remain in the sky for ever and ever

When the rain stops immediately you disappear
Like smoke in the air without a little fear
I like to see you again for my eyes to be cooled
And lo! you depend on coincidence and at times fooled

You wait for the union of rain and the sun
An event very rare but you bring us great fun
Your life is so short, though we waited long
Depriving us of temporary happiness which is wrong

—- A.S.R. —-

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