Oh! you beautiful clouds so high
You are so cool and feast to the eye
Sparkling patches in the blue sky
In the direction of the wind you fly

Sometimes transparent, smoky and not endure
Also appear like a bundle of cotton very pure
When you darken then rain is for sure
You serve as a shade when sun drives higher

Collecting the water vapour and showering us with rain
Seasonally or suddenly as a cycle without pain
Grouping together and forming a big chain
Serving the world freely with no loss no gain

You divide and scatter in different shapes
Like a sheep, flower or a bunch of grapes
Your presence a must for picturesque landscapes
Flying over you in a plane you appear like snowflakes

You carry electrical charges and when it is raining
Clashing among yourselves and cause lightening
Shaking the earth with thunder – very frightening
Proving your strength and power with a formal warning

So you are both enemy and a friend
Your benefits always pile and never end
Giving us everything but yet more to lend
You are nature and we can never try to mend

—- A.S.R. —-


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